Our Mission

Our goal is to help your business succeed, enabling you to streamline your operations and improve the delivery of services to your customers.


by General Blue Corporation

US Based with multiple data centers
Help your business succeed by streamlining your operations.

Products offered

OfficeSeries Time Tracking Software Product
OfficeSeries Timesheet

Automated time tracking software for you and your business.

Our Story

Since our inception in 2001, General Blue Corporation maintains a goal of helping small, medium, to large-scale businesses.

We offer products and services that provides a one-stop management solution which helps team members work together, accomplish more, and meet targeted timelines.

We develop simple, accurate, methodical, and cost-effective time management systems and expense software.

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What is OfficeSeries?

OfficeSeries is a product by General Blue Corporation, which offers web-based timesheet and expense services that are seamlessly integrated with other technology for your core business and HR functions.

We understand the importance of efficiency, accuracy, and ease that it takes to maintain a smooth workflow of team members in any company. The software and product development process prioritize all the key points that are required to help businesses make smarter decisions.

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Our products enable users to simply connect to the Internet, without the need to install or configure any software to your devices. We believe that any software should be simple, fast, useful, stable, secure, cost-effective, and most importantly, secure.

OfficeSeries is a one-stop solution for small, medium, or large scale businesses.

OfficeSeries offers web-based timesheet and expense services. With OfficeSeries Timesheet, you can increase the productivity for all team members and skip the hassle of manual processing of timesheets within your entire organization members.

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OfficeSeries Timesheet

OfficeSeries Timesheet was developed with a goal to allow easier way of entering, monitoring, and approving timesheets for any team members within your business unit or company. We understand the need for an accessible, automated, and smooth workflow that it requires to track your teams’ productivity.

Eliminate manual timesheet distribution and handling and switch to automatic routing of timesheet requests and approvals. By doing so, any employee can get more done due to significant reduction of timesheet errors, and processes in verification, analysis, approval, and others. With OfficeSeries Timesheet, increased productivity becomes second nature to any team members.