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Not all businesses are created equal and the way you do business is our priority. Customize time entry screens according to your workforce needs.

Top Features

Discover time entry features for OfficeSeries Timesheet

Multiple time entry formats based on configured settings

Time Entry Formats

Multiple timesheet formats for time entry are available for employee use. The standard formats include detailed daily and weekly. Time entry screens are customizable.

A web-based automated timesheet that can be accessed anytime and anywhere using internet-capable device

Time Entry Accessibility

OfficeSeries Timesheet is accessible, easy to use, and convenient as you don’t need to install any special software. You simply connect to our service through the Internet.

Download or export timesheet to preferred formats like PDF, Excel or CSV

Export Timesheet

All timesheet users, approvers, and administrators may export timesheet to PDF, Excel, or CSV anytime.

A time tracking system with notes and comments section to support timesheet entry

Notes/Comments Section

Timesheet users and approvers may add notes or comments during the time entry and approval process.

Save time when entering timesheet with the help of copy last weeks time entry functionality

Option to Copy Last Weeks’ Time Entry

Timesheet users have the option to copy the entry from last week’s timesheet by simply clicking a button if the hours are the same. This will save time thus, increasing productivity.

User working in a laptop to track regular hours and overtime

Set Overtime Policy

Administrators can set overtime policy and rules. This will ensure that employees are paid correctly based on overtime policies defined.

Set up alerts and notifications in OfficeSeries timesheet settings


OfficeSeries notification settings is customizable. Timesheet alerts or reminders are enabled by default.

Accurate timecard software system

Accurate Timelines

Time entries are recorded along the timeline for each user. Duplicate entries are not allowed for the same time period for a single user.

User-friendly time tracking system that can be accessed using a web browser

Push-Button Navigation

The system is user-friendly and designed with practical push buttons. Its simple features make it very easy to learn even for first time users. No training required.

Time management and task-focussed employees with automated time tracking tools


The system is virtually error free. The user never sees cryptic and meaningless coded messages. Data entry is tightly controlled to minimize accidental errors.

Focus on your business, not timesheet

Spend the least time tracking hours and timesheet, focus your time in expanding your business.

Hassle-free time entry

All in one solution for tracking employee time, productivity, and success. Eliminate manual time tracking and enjoy a hassle-free time entry.

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Why it’s important for employees to submit timesheets on time

Two women working together and discussing work progress in an office
Faster timesheet approval

On-time timesheet submissions means faster timesheet review and approval.

Payroll administrator happily doing her job using a laptop with accurate and realtime timetracking data
No delays on payroll processing

Faster approval of timesheets means no unnecessary delays on payroll processing.

Satisfied project administrators and managers discussing about project status in an office
Identification of project progress and/or delays

When employees submit timesheets on time, it’s easier for managers to verify project status and/or delays.

Two women discussing work status for transparency
Transparency and accountability

The timesheet data allows employers to gain insights on employee attendance patterns and trends.

Mature business owner acessing timetracking data report on his phone while having coffee
Time management and allocation of resources

Timesheets submitted on time helps managers in allocating resources and planning out team schedules accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Right after being licensed, a user can start tracking time.
Software is designed to handle errors and ensure no duplicate entry. Duplicate entries are not allowed for the same time period for a single user.
Time entry will be based on organizational policy. Some organizations allow weekly entry of time, while others require employees to enter it daily. This is fully customizable.
Yes, you can. By default, the time entry screen will show the current work week, but you may customize the date range to display whatever week you want to enter timesheet. Alerts and notifications will also be sent if the system detects no entry of timesheet.
When any employee or timesheet user submits time entry for approval, the timesheet lock feature will take effect. Locking timesheet that is sent for approval ensures that the timesheet remains accurate and secure.
Yes. You can enter and edit hours prior to submission for approval.
Timesheet notifications allow users to get notified every time their timesheet gets approved or rejected. Such feature is also customizable. Based on your organizational preference, you have the option to enable or disable notifications in the application settings. OfficeSeries notification settings are enabled by default.
Absolutely not, OfficeSeries requires no training. All screens are comprehensive and easy to navigate. We also have our reliable FAQs that answers to anything you might ask about OfficeSeries. Should you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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