Use employee timesheet to track

OfficeSeries is a web-based time tracking software that can track employee hours, approvals, projects, productivity, and more.

OfficeSeries Timesheet

Top Features of a Web-Based Time Tracking System

Web-based time tracking service that does not require any download to use


No need to download or install any software or app. You only need to connect to the internet to start tracking hours, projects, and time off.

Internet capable devices like phone and laptop to login to OfficeSeries

Works with Any Device

You can access OfficeSeries Timesheet in any internet-enabled devices such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Accessible web-based time tracking services anywhere and anytime

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you're working remotely or at the office, you can use OfficeSeries 24/7. It’s accessible on a web browser, making it convenient to use.

Do more with an end-to-end solution

Advanced Timesheet Features

Accurate timesheet data for analysis

Accurate Timesheet Data

Powerful validation tools that is configurable to how your business functions.

Notes section available to support timesheet entry

Add notes during time entry

Allow employees to add notes to their timesheet entry which helps reduce delay on timesheet approvals.

Straightforward OfficeSeries timesheet approval process

Modernized approval process

OfficeSeries implements modern approval process to ensure unnecessary delays.

Unlimited reports that you can run, export, or customize using OfficeSeries app

Unlimited exports

View, generate, and export important timesheet data in no time.

Realtime notifications based on settings to keep users up to date with timesheet approvals in OfficeSeries

Real-time Notifications

Setup email to SMS notifications to get real-time updates for timesheet entry, approvals, and more!

Hybrid workforce support to allow employees to track hours whether they're working at the office or at home

Hybrid Workforce Support

OfficeSeries customer support can give you timely assistance 24/7, no matter where you are.

Smart dashboard that you can customize based on information you want to see in OfficeSeries reporting page

Smart Dashboards

OfficeSeries prides itself on automated system and smart and configurable dashboards.

Highly secured web-based timesheet services to track and approve hours in an automated manner

Fast, Secure, and Highly Automated

Automated workflows that can help you and your team to focus on what really matters.

Manage business with ease with an automated time tracking. Turn your manual workflows into investment.

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Get the insights and transparency you need

Minimize manual efforts and start automating, where you can. OfficeSeries Timesheet helps you get relevant insights on your team's productivity. Get a clear view on what each of your team member is working on. Collaborate more and bridge any existing gaps. Create an easy and positive workflow like time tracking and approval.

Generate customized reporting quickly

Generate reporting

Get a customized report of any timesheet data for your team.

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Track projects, cost, and progress easily using customized OfficeSeries reporting functionality

Project tracking

Plan and track progress of your client project, ensuring delivery and satisfaction.

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Get notified based on your preference in settings


Customize settings and get notified with time entries, approvals, and more.

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Discover more ways how we can help your business and workflow

Cost reduction

Reduce Cost

Increase ROI, optimize resources and use automation, making your team more efficient and productive.

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Increase Productivity

Get more done by eliminating manual workflows and processes when you can, such as time tracking and management.

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OfficeSeries products and services are web-based, so you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Highly encypted time tracking software to ensure security

Highly Secure

Our latest and modern technology software uses encryption to ensure security of your data as our customer.

A smiling woman working in a flower shop using tablet to monitor time tracking data and approvals

No Training Required

User-centric design built for everyone, making it easy for anyone in the team to use our products and services.

Three workmates looking at a tablet in an office while collaborating

Integrates Easily

Built with latest technology, OfficeSeries allows you to get the most of what you pay for through seamless integration with other tools.

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Meet your organizational needs by configuring OfficeSeries Timesheet based on your existing tools and workflows.

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Online Reporting

Digital dashboards make your reporting and analysis easier. It is available 24/7 and can be generated anytime.

Four diverse administrators discussing about seamless timesheet approval workflow for managers, administrators, and employees

Faster approval process

Avoid delays for client billing and timesheet approvals with a seamless time tracking tool. Get notified as preferred.

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