OfficeSeries Subscription Terms and Conditions

Dive into our subscription policies and learn about ordering, commitments, payment terms, warranties, and more.

Our Subscription Terms

The following information outlines the key terms and conditions for your OfficeSeries subscription. By subscribing, you acknowledge and agree to these key agreements.

We recognize that policies may require occasional adjustments, but rest assured, we will keep you informed. Any updates to the Terms and Conditions will be clearly communicated within the OfficeSeries platform, ensuring you have access to the most current information.

Purchasing Subscriptions and Licenses

Ordering: Subscriptions and offers are described through the online portal. Subscriptions and products may be offered on a month-to-month basis or a longer commitment term.

Discounts and pricing are described with the subscription product and licenses. Certain quantities and/or agreements may be applicable for discounted pricing described in the online portal.

Trial periods may be applicable for your subscription, after the trial period ends, you agree to the term of your subscription at the time of ordering.

Prices are subject to change at any time, however additional licenses added during a subscription period will maintain the same pricing during the subscription commitment term.

Commitments: Subscriptions with a commitment of less than 31 days can be cancelled at any time before renewal date. Unused licenses and/or quantities will expire at the end of the term.

Subscriptions with commitments of greater than 31 days can be cancelled at any time before renewal date, any unused portion of the subscription may not be applicable for refund. Unused committed licenses and/or quantities will expire at the end of the term.

Subscriptions already paid may not be applicable for refunds.

Renewals: Subscriptions auto-renew on the subscription product renewal date. Subscription must be cancelled prior to the renewal date. Prices and terms may change prior to renewal, if you do not agree to any of the renewal conditions you may decline to renew your subscription.

License Quantities: Licenses may be adjusted at any time during the subscription period.

Subscriptions with a commitment of less than 31 days will be pro-rated for partial periods when increasing the quantity of licenses, reduction in the quantity of licenses will not be pro-rated.

Subscriptions with a commitment of greater than 31 days will be pro-rated for the remaining term of the subscription when increasing the quantity of licenses, reduction in the quantities of licenses will not be pro-rated. Changes in license quantity will be billed in the next monthly billing period, this includes subscriptions with annual or monthly billing.

Payments: Subscriptions with a commitment of less than 31 days are billed at the time of purchase.

Subscriptions with a commitment of greater than 31 days are billed at the time of purchase. Subscriptions with monthly billing will be billed for the first period of the term at the time of purchase and billed monthly for the remainder of the term.

User Accounts and Responsibilities

Creating an Account: To access all the features of OfficeSeries, you’ll need to create an account. During the account setup, we’ll ask for some basic information like your name and email address, and possibly a password. Remember, it’s important to keep your login details secure and monitor any activity associated with your account.

User Responsibilities: While using OfficeSeries, you agree to the following guidelines:

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations: You are responsible for adhering to all applicable local and international laws and regulations when using OfficeSeries.
  • Respect for Others' Rights: Treat all users with respect and avoid infringing on their intellectual property rights.
  • Avoid Harmful Activities: OfficeSeries prohibits any illegal or harmful activities, including uploading malicious content or spamming.
  • Intended Use: Use OfficeSeries for its intended purpose and avoid any misuse that could disrupt the service or negatively impact other users.

Account Verification and Other Identifying Information: Your personal information is essential for verifying your accounts with financial institutions and granting you access to the services you request. The information requested may include your name, social security number, account number, and personal identification number (PIN), among other identifying details.

Service Availability

OfficeSeries is committed to providing a reliable and high-availability service. We maintain our infrastructure and platform to achieve a service uptime of 99.95%.

However, there may be instances where scheduled maintenance, unscheduled outages, or other technical difficulties can temporarily disrupt service availability. We will make every effort to minimize downtime and communicate any planned maintenance in advance.

Specific products or services may outline exceptions to this uptime commitment for features or functionalities.


OfficeSeries offers various subscription plans to cater to different user needs. Current pricing information for these plans is readily available through our website and application.

Additionally, General Blue Corporation may offer customized subscription options through direct agreements with specific organizations and/or entities.

Limitation of Liability

Paid Services: Our maximum liability for paid services and subscriptions shall be limited to the total service fees you paid within the 12 months preceding the date of the incident giving rise to the liability.

Free Services: For users on our free plan, the maximum liability shall not exceed $10.00 USD.

General Exclusions: Regardless of the paid or free plan, we are not liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from using OfficeSeries.

This includes, but is not limited to, lost profits, business interruption, data loss, or reputational harm.

Basis of Claim: This limitation of liability applies regardless of the basis of claim, including contract, warranty, and tort.

Additional Considerations: It's important to note that these limitations of liability may be superseded by specific laws or regulations in your jurisdiction.

By subscribing to OfficeSeries, you acknowledge and agree to these limitations of liability.


Software and Online Services: Our software and online services are provided “as is”. However, we warrant our online services in accordance with the terms outlined in our Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These SLAs define the specific commitments and performance standards for our services.

Performance Assurance: We warrant that our software and services will perform as described in the user documentation provided. If there is a breach of this warranty, your sole remedy is the return of the purchased software.

Assumed Risks: By using our software or online services, you assume all risks. We disclaim any liability for damages, losses, or inconveniences arising from their use, except as explicitly stated in our SLAs.

No Obligation: While we strive for excellence, we are not obligated to provide updates, enhancements, or corrections beyond what is specified in our SLAs. Our offerings are provided without any guarantee of flawlessness, except where explicitly guaranteed in the SLAs.

Exclusions: Our warranty does not cover issues arising from failure to meet minimum system requirements specified in the documentation. Preview versions or limited offerings are not covered by this warranty.

Entire Agreement: This clause constitutes the entire agreement between you and us regarding our software and online services, including any warranties provided under the SLAs.

Contact Information

For any inquiries about our OfficeSeries Subscription Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us:


Telephone: +1 (888) 411-2583 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Time)