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At OfficeSeries, we value our customers’ privacy and security.

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Top Features

Use the right tools to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive file and information.

OfficeSeries has 256-bit encryption to match the latest industry security standards

256-bit encryption

OfficeSeries uses 256-bit encryption and latest industry security standards. We ensure the privacy, security, and protection of your information.

A web-based automated timesheet with SSL protection for easier and secure integration

SSL protection

When you integrate OfficeSeries with your existing tools and workflows, your organization’s data and information is highly secured and protected 24/7.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA-enabled) timetracking software

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

We provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) for an additional layer of security to the authentication process, ensuring the highest level of security to your data.

OfficeSeries is implemented with a strong firewall protection for security

Comprehensive security and firewalls

At OfficeSeries, we value our customers’ privacy and security. We implement a strong application firewalls to protect the system.

Password policy implemented in timetracking services to ensure security

Password management

OfficeSeries implements a password policy where you need to create strong and complex passwords. Password policies are constantly evolving to protect your accounts.

An automated time tracking services based on RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) management

Access control management

Comprehensive role based access controls and permissions enable your teams and individuals to have access to the data they need to do their job.

Automated backup of timesheet entries and approvals for data protection

Data backup

OfficeSeries implements a robust backup strategy and a reliable data protection solution. Automated backups are available for your organization.

A computer scanned and constantly updated software to meet industry security standards

Constant software monitoring

Our software is constantly evolving to protect you from the latest security threats. Your software is always up to date.

Mitigate risk of data breaches by using a highly secure system

OfficeSeries limits an employee’s access based on their access permissions. This is to prevent unauthorized access and security breaches to sensitive information. User permissions are applied in real time, changes or updates to user permissions are applied instantly.

Enhanced compliance with industry standards

This ensures seamless integrations with other applications or systems.

Improved operational efficiency

You can quickly add or change roles to an individual user or group.

How OfficeSeries protects you and your business

OfficeSeries implements role based security system to ensure efficient management of user access and access permissions. You can give your employees limited access based off of their role and job responsibilities within your organization. This ensures that employees only access the information or file they need to do their tasks.

Use our tools to grow your business and make your vision come true. Integrate OfficeSeries in your existing workflows.

A role based security system

Efficiently manage user access and access permissions.

  • Role management
  • Role assignment management
  • Role scope management
  • Role group management


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OfficeSeries is highly secure with its role based security system.

User access and permissions can be based on several factors including job responsibility and authority. Access permissions can be limited to specific tasks, depending on the employee's role within the organization.

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User Role

A user can have one or more roles within the organization. These roles determine his/her access privileges. User roles are defined based on the employee’s job responsibilities or the team/group they belong to.

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User Access Permission

Permissions may vary per user. Each user will be granted specific permission(s) according to their roles within the organization. User access permissions can be primary, billing, technical, or administrative.

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More of OfficeSeries Security

Secure and protect your organization’s information by using the right tools. At OfficeSeries, we provide a robust and highly secure time tracking and expense system.

Frequently Asked Questions

OfficeSeries leads the industry with all its traffic being routed through https connections and uses advanced encryption standard (AES) with 256-bit encryption to ensure the protection and security of your information.
All applications use trusted SSL certificates.
OfficeSeries provides single-factor authentication as well as multi-factor authentication (MFA), letting you choose what is correct for your organization, groups, and users.
Yes, updating user passwords is quick and easy. OfficeSeries also implements a password policy where you need to create strong and complex passwords for better security. Self-service password resets require MFA and passwords policies can be implemented to have your organization rotate passwords.
Absolutely. With OfficeSeries, your data and information is safe and protected 24/7. You don’t need to do anything on your end, we will do all the work for you.
OfficeSeries implements a role based security system to manage user access and access permissions with ease. This ensures that employees only access the information or file they need to do their tasks, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.
Adding or removing user access permissions can be done in just a few clicks. Access is applied instantly to all users, even users who are currently logged into our systems, there is no delay. Our dashboards are smart and intuitive and designed to prevent accidents.

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