Automated Timesheets

A web-based solution to a simple and effortless time tracking. It is fast, easy, secure, and straightforward to use.

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Meet your targets with the help of an automated web-based time tracking software
With OfficeSeries, you can make time tracking workflow for your employees, managers, and finance team so much easier. Automation can help achieve targets and goals, optimize your team's productivity and cut cost through a boost in productivity.
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Why a web-based automated timesheet is a great option for you

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Saves Time

Reduce the time it takes to enter, submit, approve, review, and analyze timesheets. Make time tracking workflow easy for everyone in your organization - including regular employees, managers, administrators, HR team, and finance.

Accuracy and Reliability

Ensure your timesheets are accurate and reliable with the help of built-in advanced features and functionalities, therefore reducing any unnecessary cost and liability due to human error. Precision and accuracy of timesheet data is very important since it’s the basis for client billing and payroll.

Robust Reporting

Get a summary of the timesheet data anytime. Quickly download or generate new reports based on the type of data you need so you can gain insights about projects and hours. Instead of spending the time to filter or create reports manually, let us do the work for you so you can focus on investing your time to leading your team to increased productivity.


Adhere to organizational policies and procedures by configuring OfficeSeries Timesheet under settings. Policies on overtime hours, time off (paid or unpaid), vacations, sick days, and others must be in place in order to strictly implement the local, federal, or organizational policies and rules.

Information Retrieval

Going digital makes it easy to get the timesheet record from previous week/months/or years, which you may use for analysis, and others. OfficeSeries provides built-in advanced features which allows managers and administrators to view summary of information quickly and easily.

Employee Performance

Managers can get a quick summary of employee progress, productivity, and performance with OfficeSeries. With customizable screen and quick reporting capabilities, employee performance review and planning resource allocation is made easier for managers and administrators.

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