Your tools must be tailored to your business, not the other way around.

With OfficeSeries, you can customize screens, functionalities, reporting, access control, and many other configurations according to how your business operates.
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What we do

We help deliver the tools you need to achieve a boost of productivity with automated time tracking.

Customizable screens and advanced OfficeSeries reporting

Customize screens and reporting

Customize time entry screens, timesheet reporting, and configure settings according to your business.

Smooth timesheet approval workflow for managers and employees

Smoother approval flow

We offer realtime notifications so managers and employees enter and approve timesheet with ease.

Laptop showing a message notification regarding timesheet status and other alerts

Realtime updates

Automatically receive updates on timesheet submission and approval status. Configure notifications to receive updates on things you want to be notified, exactly how you like it.

User-centric design with customizable user timesheet display settings

User-centric design

We actively pursue the right balance between functionality and aesthetics resulting in better experience for managers, employees, administrators, and any user.

Productivity tracked easily for each team member based on time entry and reporting

Easily track productivity

Focusing on productivity and ensure tasks are completed ontime. With OfficeSeries, it is easy to view if everyone is in compliance with attendance and company policies with ease.

Hassle-free timesheet tracking for all employees and managers

Hassle-free time entry

We dedicate time for ensuring the ease of use for OfficeSeries Timesheet. Spend the least time tracking hours and timesheet, focus your time in expanding your business.

Meet your targets with the help of an automated web-based time tracking software
Focus on being productive instead of being busy tracking timesheet. Meet your target and goals with OfficeSeries. You can easily customize screens for time entry, approval workflows, notification settings, functionalities, and many more.
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