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Maximize productivity, get higher return of investment for each team member through utilization of smart and powerful tools like OfficeSeries time tracking system.
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Why you should focus on productivity instead of manual time tracking

Automate reports to check off more tasks in your to-do list

Automate reports
– more creativity

Tackle and complete more tasks by spending less time on time tracking and approvals. We'll take care of that for you.

Reduce cost and increase profitability by using automated time tracking service

of thousands saved

Stop inefficient budget spend. Focus on leading your team to work smarter by using powerful tools.

Grow your business and increase return of investment by boosting productivity

budgets efficiently

Scale your budgets fast and increase ROI at the same time. Better productivity means better return on investment.

How can OfficeSeries help increase your team's productivity?

Through advanced and well-thought features, you can get more done with the same number of working hours.

Auto-fill functionality

With just one click, users can copy the previous week’s time entry and apply the same hours and projects to the current week. If projects or hours need to be adjusted for the current week, users can do so easily. Our system is designed to help minimize the time it takes to complete timesheets for everyone, from submission to approval.

  • Quicker entry
  • Less hassle
  • Reduce stress
  • Fast submission

Time Entry Notes for Faster Approval

A notes section for a corresponding time entry is important to avoid delay on manager approval to a week’s timesheet. Managers can get clarity and transparency in terms of user’s productivity and progress. Adding notes to a time entry is optional, however it is customizable. Managers and administrators can configure the system and can make the notes section a requirement before successful submission.

  • Customizable under settings
  • Eliminate delays
  • More details for managers/approvers
  • Faster approvals

Scalable plans, flexible pricing

Get the feature-rich plan for what you exactly need.

  • Timesheet reporting
  • Project reporting
  • Approvals
  • Integrations


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