Time = Money

Accelerate your growth by investing in tools that boost your team's productivity and optimize growth.

  • Automated web-based timesheet
  • Reduce human error
  • Optimize cost
  • Get more done
  • Improve efficiency and profitability
  • Increase ROI
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Six diverse group members meeting and discussing in an office while using laptops and tablets

Time tracking should be fast, easy, direct, and secure.

Reduce time it takes to track time and expense

Productive man using a tablet to check time entries and reporting

Cut cost through a smart use of time

Improve productivity with your team by investing in smart and powerful tools that make life easier for employees and managers

  • Easy and comprehensive time entry screen
  • Fast approval processes
  • Real-time data with any device
  • Enter time and approve anytime, anywhere

Any tool should be customized to your organization, not the other way around

Customizable web-based time tracking tool with different plans and payment options

Get a scalable plan customized to your organization

We offer scalable plans which features built-in comprehensive screens and dashboards. It can be integrated seamlessly with tools you are using currently.

  • Budget-friendly plan pricing
  • Flexible payment options
  • Customizable to your team
How can we help reduce cost?

Smart management of time means better ROI for your business. Use time and expense management tools that give you advanced features to do just exactly what you need with less time.

Hybrid workforce collaborating virtually while discussing progress of their project

Better productivity means better ROI


Instead of spending time on manual time and expense management, take advantage of powerful tools so you and your team can spend more time to collaborate and discuss plans and projects. Boost of productivity means better time spent for your business, hence better ROI (Return of Investment).

Woman on a video conference while discussing reporting analytics and project progress

Accurate and fast reporting


Awesome customization features and a secure collection of reporting dashboards allow you to track, manage, and get a bird's eye view of your team's work and progress. Fast, efficient, and powerful built-in features can help you get the transparency you need in managing your organization.

A boss holding a tablet and an employee smiling and working together harmoniously

Increased accountability for your business


No matter what kind or size of business you have, a well-defined structure and flow of time and attendance data is as important as hiring the right people for your organization. OfficeSeries allows you to have a seamless process in recording, approving, examining, and summarizing the time and attendance for the entire members of your team.

Group of administrators virtually meeting to discuss profit increase

Cost Savings


Save money by reducing manual workflows in managing employee hours and payroll processes. Use automated time management tools so you can focus on increasing productivity for your entire team. Avoid human errors that cost your business money by using accurate reporting features.

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